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1. Inmates are allowed to play games and sports daily like Volley ball, carom, Ludo, Chess etc..

2. Inmates are encouraged in Agriculture/Horticulture and other handicrafts like mora making etc..

3. At District Jail Jully, from time to time inmates are provided regular body, mind & soul harmony course in the form of yoga, meditation & spiritual teaching by Shri Shri Ravishankar’s Art of Living Itanagar. Besides occasional spiritual guidance & counselling also provided by different NGOs.

4. Medical camps like eye treatment, HIV tests etc are also being organized by various NGOs in collaboration with medical department, GoAP.

5. Ayurveda Regional Research Institute, Itanagar conducts medical test and treats prisoners on every Friday at District Jail Jully.

6. State Legal Aid Services Authority has opened Legal Aid Clinic inside the jail campus of Jully Jail and provides counselling & legal aid to the needy inmates every Saturday.

7. National Holidays like Independence day and Republic day celebrated with great enthusiasm amongst the inmates by organising Games and Sports events, cultural programme etc.

8. Christmas, Eid, Holi and other local religious festivals are also celebrated by the inmates.